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A bit of old wall, Eltham Palace, showing loop-holes
Banqueting Hall used as a stable
Banqueting Hall, East End
Banqueting Hall, West end
Eltham Court - showing the old gabled building
Eltham Palace (1792)
Eltham Palace from SW
Eltham Palace from the NW
Eltham Palace from the South (1909)
From the oldest known picture of Eltham Palace (1735)
Interior of Banqueting Hall, with screen (1909)
Moat Bridge from NE
Moat House and Bridge
North doorway to Hall
Old Gable, Eltham Court - pencil sketch, 1829
Palace from the South lawn, showing bay (1909)
Part of old wall - Eltham Palace (1909)
The Great Hall of palace as seen from the South-west (1909)
The Moat Bridge (1908)
The Moat Bridge from the West
Tilt-yard Gate
Water Gate to Moat, South side
Schools etc Well Hall

Plate 6 : Eltham Palace (1792)

Plate 6 : Eltham Palace (1792)
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